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Salmon Creek Water Conservation Program
Water Conservation


Salmon Creek Watershed Council

The Salmon Creek Watershed Council is an all-volunteer group whose mission is:

  • to expand the community’s knowledge of this watershed and
  • to inspire, support and engage everyone in its stewardship

Salmon Creek Water
Conservation Program

  • Water Conservation Plan
  • Conservation Strategies
  • We meet monthly to confer, to plan public educational events and to organize creek surveys and water testing of salmonid habitat.  We are working to build a vibrant sense of place in the Salmon Creek Watershed while helping its residents to live gently on their land.

    For more information see our welcome packet, Welcome to the Salmon Creek and Nearby Area, a booklet to help residents learn about the community and care for thier land.

    What is a Watershed?

    Salmon Creek Habitat
    Restoration Program

  • Estuary Structures
  • Grasslands Restoration
  • A watershed encompasses all the land surface that collects and drains water to a single point. Small watersheds are often nested in larger watersheds.

    The watershed includes all the earth, water, plants, animals - shared by humans and non-human within the area. It encompasses all the area from ridge tops to stream bottoms, as well as the air above.

    We all share the watershed. Everything we do and how we use the land affects the health of the water, soil and living things that coexist in this system.

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